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10 travel tips that even frequent travelers don’t know

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No, we’re not going to insult your intelligence with so-called “travel tips” such as “travel light” or “travel with an empty water bottle.” This article has compiled a list of the best 10 travel tips and that even frequent travelers don’t know . Namely, all the problems and galleys related to air travel. Yes, even the most seasoned travelers do not know all these tips! Ready? So let’s go!

Buy 2 one-way tickets instead of a round trip

Sometimes buying 2 one-way tickets with 2 different airlines is cheaper than buying a return ticket… Especially in low-cost companies. Plus, you’ll have even more choices to find the arrival and departure times that work best for you. For your information, some flight comparators (those famous sites for cheap travel ) already include this criterion in their searches. But the best thing is to do your own research directly on the airlines’ website. This allows you to take advantage of current offers and promotions.

Ask about “codeshares.”

Before buying your ticket, take the time to find out about the partnership terms of the airline you have selected. These are the famous code shares. More specifically, ask about the number of miles offered for your trip. The ” mile ” is the unit of account for points in airline loyalty programs. Indeed, some partnerships allow you to earn the same number of miles, and others do not. Similarly, some partnerships calculate the number of miles offered based on the price of the ticket… And not the distance traveled!

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Act as if you were booking from another location to benefit from a cheaper ticket

The place from which you buy your ticket is called the point of sale. However, airlines change ticket prices according to their point of sale, a “regional pricing” practice. The price of a ticket will be lower if you buy it from a country with a lower standard of living. This is also the case if the country in question is a market the airline is trying to enter. A concrete example, you will not find the same prices on the French version of the online flight comparison site as on its American version, Yet it is indeed the same flight!
Similarly, domestic flights abroad can be cheaper, especially if you book them from the website of the airline’s country of origin! On the other hand, the prices will be displayed in the currency of the country in question. Therefore, do not forget to do the necessary calculations to convert the prices into euros.

Clear cookies from your web browser

Airlines operate a “dynamic pricing” policy, which means that the more you find out about the price of a ticket, the more it will increase. A quick tip to prevent tickets from increasing daily is to use Private Browsing to book your tickets. But the safest method is to clear cookies and browsing data from your web browser before booking your ticket. Not sure how to clear your cache? Check out our tip here. And in addition, at the same time, you will speed up your computer 😉

Know that you have 24 hours to cancel and get a full refund after purchase

Generally, you have a 24 hour period to cancel and get a full refund of your money. And this is valid even for non-refundable tickets. In other words, don’t hesitate to book your ticket the next time you find a good price. Then, for the next 24 hours, keep looking for lower prices for the same flight. If it turns out that you find a better price, all you have to do is cancel the first ticket and book the ticket at the best price. In addition, some airlines also allow you to opt for a free “cooling off period.” This guarantees your reservation and its price over a few days. Other companies offer this same service, but it is chargeable, and the warranty is longer. This is particularly the case with the cooling-off period proposed by Air France.

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Prefer to travel by Boeing 767

If you have the choice between several flights, choose the flight which takes place on board a Boeing 767. Why? It’s very simple: the Boeing 767 is the plane with the least of those seats everyone hates, the horrible “middle seats.” If you cannot travel by Boeing 767, I invite you to discover our article below to choose the best seat. You will finally know which seats are closest to the toilet, which seats have the most room for your legs, etc.

Download the mobile application of the airline you are traveling with Airlines

nowadays, invest a lot of resources in the development of mobile applications. The real benefit of these apps is that they can save you from having to run through an airport for nothing. Indeed, thanks to these applications, you are informed in real-time of a possible change of boarding gate, delay of your flight, etc. Last advantage, in most airports, applications allow you to travel without a paper plane ticket.

Prepare a “hygiene and comfort” kit for the flight

Remember to prepare a small kit with everything you need for your toilet and comfort in the cabin. Indeed, since the new restrictions on the transport of liquids by plane, traveling with toiletries in the cabin has become a real headache. This tip will save you time pouring your favorite shampoo into 100ml bottles before each trip. Similarly, you will no longer need to store and take out of your suitcase the toiletries you need in the cabin. One more tip, try ordering free samples of your favorite toiletries online. They are perfect to complete your survival kit. To discover: How To Drink For Cheap On The Plane.

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Prepare your cables and chargers for your trips in advance

Are you tired of running through your apartment to gather all your chargers and electrical cables an hour before leaving for the airport? You are not the only one! To avoid this, there is a trick. The trick is to prepare a dedicated travel pouch in which you can keep all your electronic accessories, batteries, and chargers. I recommend using a plastic pouch, like this waterproof pouch with a zipper.

Use soft carry-on baggage

Here is an excellent tip so that your luggage is not taken from you and put on hold. The trick is using soft carry-on luggage, like a backpack or duffel bag. Indeed, soft bags are more malleable and pack more easily into the luggage compartments of the cabin. Therefore, they are less likely to be refused in the cabin. Equipping yourself with cabin luggage perfectly suited to ALL airlines (even the low-cost ones!), like this lightweight suitcase.

Your turn… There you go, now you know some secrets of great travelers 🙂 And you, have you ever tried these tips? Did they work well for you? Or maybe you know others? Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts with our community 🙂

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