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10 trips around the world to do once in a lifetime


We bring you some of the best trips in the world that you can take at least once in your life.

Traveling worldwide is a dream for many people and a reality for others. What seemed remote and impossible a few years ago is now something simple.

The democratization of travel has, like everything in this life, its good and its wrong sides, but if there is something good about it, it is that it allows us to be able to get out of our comfort zone at least once in our lives and meet other peoples, cultures, countries, and landscapes.
Today we will talk about the benefits of trips around the world and the best destinations you can visit.

Why take a trip around the world?

You’ve probably heard it said many times that traveling the world changes you, and although today it sounds like a tourist cliché, the reality is that for most people, a trip around the world is a before and an after. In their life.
Of course, you must know what kind of trip you will get into that can take you to the other side of the world.

A trip around the world is the perfect way not only to disconnect from your routine and clear your mind of the weight of the rest of the year, but it is also ideal for broadening horizons and points of view or drawing new conclusions. And ideas to define for several decisions.
Does it scare you? It struck us all on our first trip; here, we explain some of the most common ones and how to overcome them.
Now yes, we leave you with ten trips around the world worth doing at least once in your life.

1. Thailand, a dream trip around the world 

There are many trips to Thailand, especially along its coasts, but having the opportunity to do it in a group and on an adventure is unique and different.
The Andaman Sea is one of the best beaches, coasts, and islets in the country and most of the world.
The ideal way to achieve them? Well, with your boat, there are plenty of excursions that will take you to see a lot of them at a very affordable price where you will have days of exploring that you won’t want to end.

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2. Vietnam, perfect for a trip around the world on a motorcycle

If there is a country where a means of transport is popular, it is Vietnam. The Vietnamese use the motorcycle as an extension of their body, causing less curious images. You will see how in Vietnam, the universal laws on the carrying capacity of this vehicle are flouted by its population.
Touring Vietnam on a motorbike, or at least part of it, is one of the trips around the world that you will probably remember for the rest of your life.
If you have more time, a classic route is to circumnavigate the country by motorbike from north to south and vice versa, so forget the hustle and bustle and enjoy Vietnam’s spectacular roads and passes that will appeal not only to motorbike enthusiasts but also to those who have never done it in their life.

3. India, a destination of great trips around the world

To travel to India is to cross the door to another world. Few came back with a different outlook on life (and sometimes with new bacteria in their stomachs).

North India is usually the starting point for first-timers to the country, but those who have visited it often head to other parts of this vast country to see its lesser-known and less touristy side.

Usually, you know how to go to India, but you never know how it will come back or how it will change you, that’s why we consider it a perfect place for a big trip, the kind you need when everything seems to be okay.

4. Nepal, one of those unforgettable world trips

A place that houses not only the highest peaks on the planet but also some of the best natural parks (like Chitwan) in this Asian region. Nepal is one of those countries where you go on a trip to disconnect and test your twins and your resistance, but from which you come back with a smile and full of unforgettable memories.
Although you don’t have to climb very high or take a trek to enjoy Nepal, it is indeed a big part of the charm of traveling in this country.
For those who take it easy, the Annapurna circuit is the most requested and well-known experience among many others. For those who leave with a little more time, a short jaunt to their base camp or shorter routes like Poon Hill is more than enough to enjoy this magnificent view of the Himalayas, the top of the planet.

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5. Indonesia, a good adventure trip around the world

A trip to Indonesia is always an adventure, but you can make it more or less perfect depending on your daring.
For anyone who loves epic experiences, on some Indonesian islands like Papua, you will find places like the ones you see in travel documentaries. They will leave a deep mark on your travel passport if you dare to do them.
But it is not necessary to go to such remote places to live unforgettable adventures, since one of the most interesting is to navigate the sea of ​​​​flowers by boat, in an experience of several days during which you can meet animals as unique as the Komodo dragon, swim with manta rays or visit the pink sand beaches.

6. Philippines, world travel with charm

Nothing is more beautiful than having the enormous chance to travel through the landscapes of the Philippines. Each island is even more impressive in this archipelago, and none will leave you indifferent.
From the karst landscapes of El Nido, on the island of Palawan, to the rice terraces of Banaue, in the north of the island of Luzon, passing by the volcanoes and waterfalls of the small island of Camiguin, in the Visayas region, in the Philippines will You will fall in love from the first moment.

7. Myanmar, a cheap and special trip around the world

Myanmar is one of the cheapest world trips you can take. The only thing with a slightly higher price in this country is accommodation (compared to other Asian destinations) or the whim of flying over Bagan and its countless temples in a hot air balloon.
People do not travel to Myanmar by chance but because they have heard or already heard of this country. And it is one of Southeast Asia’s best secrets, awakening by leaps and bounds to attract more travelers from all places every year.
Myanmar is still a largely unvisited country that boasts some of Asia’s best attractions, from virtually pristine and secluded beaches to landscapes that will leave you speechless. But without a doubt, this country will eventually conquer you and make you want to do it again.

8. Madagascar, one of the most special trips around the world 

Madagascar is one of the places the traveler often goes unnoticed, fooling by the notoriety of other trips through Africa, such as Tanzania or Ethiopia.
The reality is that Madagascar is a natural paradise for the traveler who dares to know it, both of the friendliness and the proximity of the Malagasy people to discover.
Full of natural parks and with several species of lemurs waiting for you, you will have hours to explore its charms.
But one of the most incredible travel experiences you can have in Madagascar is the one known as the jungle train, an old and worn railway that runs slowly (about 12 hours) between Fianarantsoa and Manakara passing by places and villages reminiscent of another era.
It is a perfect trip to do without rushing and without timetables. Enjoying the landscape and the people who accompany you at every stage of the train journey is an experience you will not forget.

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9. Taiwan, icon of different world travel

You may not have heard of this small island, but if you want to experience a different trip than usual, Taiwan is the perfect destination.

This island is one of the less touristy islands in Southeast Asia but not necessarily one of the least beautiful. If it is true that the vast part is perhaps not attractive enough of this place, it largely compensates for it by its cultural and natural side.

A mountain range crosses Taiwan with peaks over 3000 m which will delight all nature and mountain lovers, but in addition, the southern part of the country has some beaches like those of Kenting, which are a natural wonder.

To all this must be added the best street food in Southeast Asia, and the result is a unique and different trip that few can say they have crossed off their must-do list.

10. Peru, one of the most incredible trips around the world you can do

Peru has practically everything. From the magnificent Andes mountains to the coast of the Pacific Ocean and the impressive Amazon jungle.
No wonder it’s one of the most popular global tours for travelers of almost every nationality and age group. At the same time, many of them come with the idea of ​​visiting Machu Picchu and its Inca ruins; if you don’t like to remain superficial, you will appreciate Peru enormously.
Traveling to Peru also has a bonus for everyone. Getting closer to discovering a part of its past is one of the most exciting things about a trip through Peru, which, along with the natural joy and openness of Peruvians, means that the experience will never leave you indifferent.

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