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13 essential travel accessories for women

travel accessories for women

How hard is it for you to wrap up the girls? As much as we repeat: “travel light” and “we don’t need that when traveling,”; We always have to check our luggage several times to ensure we don’t have too many things. This list of 13 travel accessories for women may be the help you’ve been looking for.

Plus, who told you that lists are perfect for packing? Always believe them. YES, they are perfect.
So, when you start planning your trip to travel the world in a minimalistic, light, and comfortable way, create your list of travel essentials and consider the elements to prepare your suitcase.

13 travel accessories for women

A perfect suitcase


We must always think of our travel suitcase, which is comfortable, functional, and lasts over time. It is one of the essential travel accessories for women.
So the investment should not be a problem here. You must consider the ideal size so you can always carry it as hand luggage and not pay extra. But if you prefer backpacks, there are also great options.

Pro tip: Hand luggage size on many airlines is 55 x 35 x 20 cm.

A travel bag


Tote-type bags are a little more oversized bag, above all, big. The things you can store in them are endless, they become your mini suitcase, but it does not count as a suitcase.

Here you also have to think about the durability, so choose one made of leather, it guarantees you to travel with it for a long time. And if they’re in a cute style, that’s much better.

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Choose a neutral color that goes with your style and is lightweight. Make it perfect for carrying all your tech gadgets.

Cubes for organizing suitcases: the allies of travelers


How wonderful it is to calm yourself, to find everything you packed after a long trip and just what you need.
That’s why they are one of the best inventions for travelers.
You can organize all your luggage in different cubes according to their size.

How to organize your travel clothes in the storage cubes?

  • The extra small cubes store your hygiene accessories, jewelry, and makeup.
  • The small cubes are used to store underwear and socks.
  • Medium-sized cubes are ideal for storing light clothes, such as shirts, leggings, and tops.
  • More giant cubes are helpful for clothes that take up more space, such as jeans, jackets, etc.

Comfortable walking shoes


They are a top priority; comfortable shoes are essential for your trip, in which you can walk for hours without worrying about hurting yourself.

If you buy new shoes, consider trying them on a month or two before the trip so that they finish adapting to your foot size and that you test their comfort.

Take an extra pair of shoes for special outings, but keep thinking about comfort and ambiance, i.e., keep in mind the weather at the destination of your trip. Heeled shoes are only not recommended at all, you will always walk and use public transport, And it will not be comfortable.
Opt for low shoes.

Travel bag for personal effects


Us girls need to carry our hygiene products, so they cannot fail. We must remember that if we travel with hand luggage, they must comply with the regulatory quantity of 100 ml or less and, if possible, transport them in transparent bags.

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Choose your products well, and for that, the lists are our saviors.
• Shampoo.
• Conditioner.
• Soap.
• Moisturizing Lotion.
• Fragrance.

Traveler headphones

They are essential to our entertainment.
So make a good choice, wireless, but you should consider its battery before the trip; this option is terrific.

A classic black dress

We don’t have to be fashion experts to know that black dresses are a staple in our closet, and now they’ll be in your suitcase.
Wearing a black dress will keep you out of trouble whenever you are invited to a drink or a restaurant.
Choose a comfortable dress suitable for travel in cold seasons or destinations and travel in warm seasons.


Another must-go in the luggage of every traveler!
Sunglasses should be one of the essentials, but it’s not a good idea to carry expensive ones that you may lose or forget somewhere.

Have good, beautiful, inexpensive glasses in your travel accessories, which will help you on those sunny days but won’t hurt your pocket if they get lost.

Wet wipes for face and skin

They are essential on a trip, they get you through, and if you look for them with an included moisturizer, that’s much better.
During travels, sometimes we don’t know the unforeseen things that can happen, a delay in the plane or a long bus trip, and a few wet towels help us always to stay fresh.

Traveler’s Water Bottle

Traveling with your water bottle saves you a lot on the trip, and it’s eco-friendly. You will only have to buy water from time to time.
In addition, while we travel, it is essential to stay hydrated; our body undergoes some changes during the trip: we walk more than usual, the weather changes, and even our diet.

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These water bottles are great for traveling; when empty, you can fold them up, so they don’t take up so much space, especially for traveling.

A nice swimsuit

It never hurts even if you’re traveling somewhere you think you won’t use it, but the hotel has a nice pool.
If your trip includes a bit of nature and adventure or is in the summer or a tropical destination, it’s always a good idea to bring a swimsuit; Only one is enough, so you only take up a little space.

Mini razors for travel

They might not be something you have in mind when making your travel list, but they are useful accessories and best to take with you from home.
Not only do you avoid going to a store to buy one, but you also save yourself the travel expense.

First aid travel kit

Getting sick while traveling is very rare, but you should still carry your travel insurance with a travel first aid kit.
It is one of those essential travel accessories for women and men; it is better to sacrifice a pair of shoes and always carry the first aid kit.
It’s so important!

And for us girls, there are unique things to think about when we travel.

You should also include the following in your first aid kit:

✔ Antiseptic and blessed cream or gel.
✔ Stomach ache pills.
✔ Diarrhea pills, laxatives, and antacids.
✔ Mosquito repellent (only if the destination requires it).
✔ Sunscreen.
✔ Antihistamines for allergic reactions.
✔ Eye drops.

And any medicine you need.

These are the travel accessories for women we consider essential; rest assured, girls, this list we have just discovered will better help you organize your travel suitcase.

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