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5 good reasons to rent a boat during your vacation


Nowadays, renting a boat allows you to enjoy the pleasures of this activity while freeing yourself from all the constraints. During vacations or a weekend, you have to embark and enjoy. In addition, the landscapes of our beautiful region will not disappoint you! Head for an experience to try as soon as possible!

Boat rental in Brittany: an adequate solution

We have all envied those who went on a boat trip while we were still strolling on the harbor… However, a boat and all its maintenance represent a significant investment, mainly when it is only used for a few days here and there.

Just like the accommodations and hotels you are used to booking on the internet, you can now book a boat with a few clicks. Moreover, in the same way, if you own a boat, you can adopt the opposite position and rent it—an excellent way to finance part of the expenses of your boat.

Renting a boat is practical and much more affordable than buying one. No headaches, no question of space in the harbor, no repairs, no insurance… Boat rental platforms have found the right offer, so you only have to take advantage of the benefits.

Boating on the Brittany coast: it’s an escape!

Good reason to rent a boat: the feeling of freedom. You can imagine the feeling of being on the sea, the boat slightly rocking, the hair in the wind… It sounds like a movie, but it’s above all the vacations we like. Going to the sea allows you to cut off from the world, escape, and take, as we say, a good breath of fresh air (and sea)!

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Renting a boat can be for a few hours, a day, or several days. For those who love lazing around, you can walk without going far. When the time comes, you can enjoy a picnic in an idyllic setting with your toes spread out after a little swim. You can organize your route and your different stops for those more interested in sightseeing and mini-cruises.

Finally, it all depends on what you want, your budget, the number of passengers, the owner’s conditions, etc. What is sure is that you can stay within a reasonable distance to get the most out of your trip!

Renting a boat offers multiple possibilities

Then, when we talk about renting a boat, there is something for everyone. It is a panel of possibilities in front of you! Small and big ones, with berths, motorboats, barges, sailboats, jet skis, and even yachts… 

For example, renting a sailboat is particularly appealing because of its elegance and the somewhat idyllic side of boat rides. It is calm and the power when the wind is on the side. Moving forward with the wind is precisely part of this feeling of freedom. One would almost want to set sail forever and never come back! Once again, small or large sailboats, there is something for everyone.

Boating invites other activities—notice to fishing enthusiasts, star gazers, or sunset collectors. Renting a motorboat, a yacht, or a barge will not allow the same activities. In the end, it’s your desires that guide the choice of which boat to choose.

Brittany saw from the sea: breathtaking landscapes

How can we not mention the Breton landscapes? Boating in Brittany is an opportunity to observe, from another angle, the region’s magnificent landscapes. No matter which Breton coast you are on, there are bound to be little wonders to explore.

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Observe Saint-Malo or Cancale from the Emerald Coast, the unique colors of the Pink Granite Coast, the famous Presqu’île de Crozon on the Iroise Coast, or walk along the beautiful beaches of the Megaliths Coast along the Gulf of Morbihan. All this makes you want to go there! A feast for the eyes and memories for the head!

Depending on the conditions, the boat also allows you to observe islands and islets you had never seen before and even set foot on them. As the identity of Port d’Attache wishes, you will be able to “see Brittany differently.”

If we instinctively think of sailing at sea, Brittany also offers the possibility of strolling on its rivers. The promise of a peaceful experience in the heart of nature. Along the Vilaine river, on the Nantes-Brest canal, you can admire the fauna and flora.

Renting a boat: do you need a license, and what about insurance?

To finish our list, let’s discuss two crucial practical aspects: the license and the insurance.

Do I need to have a boat license? Indeed, this question quickly comes to mind when we talk about a nautical activity. Once again, everything is thought out for those who do not make boating a hobby but simply a vacation and recreational activity. Thus, there are different possibilities.

Firstly, you can rent a boat without a license, with a maximum length of 5 meters and 6 hp for motor boats. Renting a sailboat does not require a license. All you need is to prove your knowledge and a minimum of experience in the field.

For other boats, in addition to renting the boat, you can rent a skipper. This is often the owner. This person will accompany you for your day trips and trips lasting several days. Alternatively, ask your friends to come along and invite the one with the special boating license!

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As for insurance, each boat is insured. There is no need to subscribe to specific insurance or to take out your insurance. As with most rentals, a deposit is required, more or less depending on the value of the boat and the conditions of the owner.

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