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7 tips for sleeping well during an aeroplane flight

sleeping well during an aeroplane flight

Anyone who has tried to sleep during a flight has probably realized that the exercise was not necessarily easy. There is noise; it’s cramped, and you’re not far from the comfort of your bed. However, here are some tips for finding sleep more easily when you are on a plane.

Choose your seat well

Choose your seat

It all starts when choosing your seat. Indeed, if you take an aisle seat, you risk being disturbed during the flight by your neighbours when they need to go to the bathroom. About this place, we advise you to choose a seat far enough away from it to avoid the noise of the doors, the toilet flushing, and bad smells.

Bring what you need to be comfortable

travel cushion

As we know, aeroplane seats are not all the most luxurious in the world, so if you have a travel cushion or a headrest, it will be beneficial for you to be in the best mood for sleeping. Also, consider an eye mask and earplugs to isolate yourself even more from the noise and light pollution around you. In short, it will not be comfortable, but almost!

Provide laundry

Provide laundry

The temperature in the aircraft cabin can be very variable. So remember to bring a sweater or ask the flight attendants for a blanket; it could be beneficial because it is complicated to fall asleep when you are cold.

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Find the correct position

airplane sleeping position

Aeroplane seats are anything but beds; we are talking about economy class. We don’t lie down, but we can find a position where we will fall asleep. Take the time to find yours, and do not hesitate to try several. Some use the tablet in front of them to fall asleep with their arms crossed, for example.

Create a climate conducive to sleep

airplane sleeping relax

Listening to relaxing music is an excellent way to put yourself in a favourable state for sleep. Choose songs that you like, whether it’s classical, instrumental music or jazz. The idea is to create an “aeroplane” playlist in advance. All you have to do then is launch it, relax, and try to sleep!

Stay hydrated

airplane sleeping drink

The air in the cabin is arid; remember to drink water regularly. Your bottle is best, but water is usually accessible on board, so don’t be afraid to ask for it. While alcohol can sometimes help you fall asleep, as it can “knock you out”, it also dehydrates and waking up will be more difficult.

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