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8 best viewpoints in Athens with views of the Acropolis

best viewpoints in Athens with views of the Acropolis

Athens has spectacular viewpoints. The best thing is to soak up its history by walking through its streets and visiting the monuments that are still preserved, such as the Acropolis of Athens . However, the city has a privileged location and there are several viewpoints from which you can contemplate the beauty of the city in peace. In this post we tell you the 8 best viewpoints in Athens with views of the Acropolis . If you want to pamper yourself and have an incredible view from your hotel room, we present some accommodations with views in Athens .

Mount Lycabettus, one of the best viewpoints in Athens

If we talk about viewpoints in Athens, we have to mention Mount Lycabettus. It is your vantage point par excellence! At 277m high, it is the highest hill in Athens. At the top there is a viewpoint that will allow you to enjoy incredible views of the city. The Acropolis looks quite far away, but you will have an idea of ​​the size of the city and locate the main monuments from a bird’s eye view . You can even see the Aegean in the background!

We believe that it is not only one of the best viewpoints in Athens , but in the entire continent. We recommend that you go at sunset to see the city from above during the day, at sunset and at night. When the houses take on the orange color of the last rays of sun of the day, it is a unique experience.

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Climbing Mount Lycabettus is one of the best things to do in Athens . You will have two options, go up on foot or take a funicular, which costs €7.50 (round trip) .

If you want to finish off your experience, there is a restaurant on the hill where you can dine with stunning views.

Aeropagus Hill, one of our favorites

Very close to the main entrance of the Acropolis you can visit the curious hill of the Aeropagus . It is one of the best viewpoints in Athens and also one of the most popular. Of course, be very careful because the terrain, made up of rocks, is very worn and it is very easy to slip.

The view is very cool since it is very close to the Acropolis. The temples are just opposite, although the Parthenon is not directly visible , but some of its most representative buildings are. Also, if you look in the opposite direction, the views are pretty cool too. So don’t miss it!

Monte Filopapo, a magical place with views of the Acropolis

After visiting the Acropolis of Athens you can approach Mount Philopappos. It is one of the best viewpoints of Athens and also hides a legend. In ancient times, the hill was known as the Hill of the Muses as it was believed that the nine Muses were buried there.

To get to the top, located 147 meters above sea level , you will have to walk a bit. Make sure you bring water, especially in the summer months as it can get very hot. From the top you will have a perfect view of the Acropolis, even if it is the side with the most scaffolding. If you look to the south, you will see the Aegean. Without a doubt, a magical place!

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Viewpoint of the Acropolis, the classic

Acropolis means high city. The Acropolis of Athens is located on a hill 156m above sea level. So there are few views more privileged than the one you can have from the monument itself. Of course, the bad thing is that the Acropolis does not appear in the panorama!

The viewpoint of the Acropolis is located at one end of the monument. If you want the best views, make sure you go to the point where the Greek flag is. From above you will have an unbeatable view of the neighborhoods of Plaka and Monastiraki, among others.

The only drawback is that you can only access paying the entrance to the Acropolis , while the others are free. Of course, do not leave the monument without enjoying the views.

Couleur Locale , one of the best terraces in Athens

It’s not all outdoor lookouts! There are also plenty of terraces and restaurants in Athens from which you can enjoy incredible views of the city.

One of the best rooftops in Athens is Couleur Locale . There it is typical to drink some of their cocktails while listening to live music and falling in love with its panoramic view of the Acropolis. Do not miss it!

Ancient Agora, one of the best viewpoints of Athens and the Acropolis

Very close to the Acropolis you can visit the old political, cultural and social center of Ancient Greece . The Ancient Agora is one of the main attractions of the city. In its day, public buildings were located there, serving as meeting space.

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Apart from the remains of these historical constructions, among which the Temple of Hephaestus stands out, from the Agora you will have very nice views of the Acropolis.

It is also paid, in this case the ticket costs €8. However, we recommend you get the combined ticket with the Acropolis and other monuments to save time and money .

360º Cocktail Bar , a very cool rooftop

Athens has a lot of interesting terraces where you can go out for a drink with your friends and enjoy panoramic views. And this is one of the best! Especially for its location, in the heart of Monastiraki, one of the best areas to stay in Athens .

The cocktails are a bit pricey, around €10 , but it’s worth having a drink to enjoy the views and atmosphere. They close at 3:00 a.m. from Monday to Friday and at 4:00 a.m. on weekends. So you have going for a while!

A for Athens hotel terrace

Athens hotel terrace

And finally, to finish this post about the best viewpoints in Athens, we did not want to forget to mention another very cool terrace. In this case, the hotel A for Athens, located in Monastiraki. We believe that its view is probably the best of the rooftops in Athens. From above you will have a privileged view of Monastiraki Square and the Acropolis.

It is not the cheapest place to have a drink in Athens, but in part you pay for the views and the place, which is very cool. If you want to have dinner, we recommend you book a table in advance, as it gets crowded at night.

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