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9 Tips for traveling to Nepal in 2022

Recommendations, information and tips to make a trip to Nepal and not get lost on the way.

There is no doubt that Nepal is one of the most interesting and authentic countries that you can get to know in the entire Asian continent . Traveling to Nepal means getting to know a place totally far from what we are used to and embarking on a unique adventure.

Surrounded by some of the highest peaks on the planet, many people fear finding a different and quite desolate country after the strong earthquake a few years ago, but nothing is further from the truth. Traveling to Nepal after the earthquake will be just as exciting for you because of the great cultural, historical and landscape wealth that it still possesses.

If you are looking for information on how to travel to Nepal in 2022 and you want to know how to do it in the best way, in this article we want to give you some tips before you embark on this adventure, so keep reading!

1. Can you travel to Nepal? COVID requirements?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Nepal has been opening and closing its borders to tourism and establishing different entry requirements. For many months, it allowed foreign tourists to enter, although they had to carry out a quarantine, which ended up curbing the desire to travel. Fortunately, however, from September 23, 2021, it is possible to visit Nepal with far fewer travel restrictions.

For all those vaccinated , currently, the requirements to travel to Nepal include showing your vaccination certificate with a complete schedule, as well as proving that a minimum of 14 days have passed since you received the last dose. You will also have to have done a test a maximum of 72 hours before the flight.

In the event that you have not yet been vaccinated , you must quarantine for 5 days in a hotel, as well as obtain a visa approval before traveling to the country.

2. Recommendations for traveling to Nepal from Spain

You will find the main flights to Nepal from Madrid and Barcelona. Although you can fly to different cities, we recommend flights to Kathmandu, the capital of the country, which has the main airport in Nepal and is the most used route of entry.

In any case, in addition to everything related to the COVID-19 requirements, if you are going to travel to Nepal from Spain you will need:

  • Passport with a minimum validity of 6 months.
  • Obtain the entry visa. You can do it in advance at the embassy or obtain a visa on arrival upon arrival.
  • Paper copy of the International Traveler Online Form.
  • Hotel reservation
  • Trekking permits (in case you are going to do any)

3. Spring and autumn, the best time to travel to Nepal

One of the things that must be taken into account when planning a trip to Nepal , especially if you are thinking of doing some kind of trekking in the Himalayas, is the time and the moment to do it.

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Well, in general terms , the best time to visit Nepal is from October to November and from March to May, coinciding with spring and autumn, both dry seasons in the country, so you will have a greater chance of finding better more pleasant weather and climate.

It is important that you know that from June to September is the least recommended time, due to the monsoons. In addition, the great cloudiness of this time will not allow you to appreciate and enjoy the spectacular landscapes in all their splendor. Of course, being low season, you will find much cheaper prices.

4. Is it safe to travel to Nepal?

Nepal is one of the calmest and safest countries in Asia. Especially for the pleasant character of its population. In Nepal, normally the greatest dangers of this place are found precisely in one of its greatest attractions: nature.

Always try not to overestimate your abilities or fitness, especially if you are going to do some kind of activity in the mountains. The weather and conditions in many of the treks change very quickly and it is necessary to anticipate it. Previous preparation and the hiring of local guides or organized trips can sometimes help you avoid many problems or help you with those that may arise during your trip to Nepal.

Although without a doubt the main risk in Nepal is in transportation . The precarious situation of many of its roads, as well as the poor state of maintenance of the vehicles means that in many cases the greatest probability of suffering a mishap is on the road. However, this is a risk common to many other countries and that we must assume whenever we travel.

5. What vaccinations are required to travel to Nepal?

There are no compulsory vaccines to travel to Nepal , although there are different highly recommended vaccines so that you can visit the country with complete peace of mind, some of them are:

• Typhoid fever.
• Hepatitis A and B.
• Triple viral.
• Polio.
• Rage.
• Meningitis.

If you are going to visit the Chitwan area or other areas near India where the jungle prevails, mosquitoes are a great concern since they transmit diseases such as Malaria or Dengue.

On the other hand, because the Nepalese health system is considered deficient, one of the most useful tips we can give you is to take good travel insurance with you, to which you should add adventure or mountain activities depending on what you are going to do. in Nepal to cover you completely in case of a possible rescue.

Here you have a small discount on the one we use.

Carrying a small first-aid kit is also a good way to take care of small setbacks that, depending on where, can be a major problem.

6. Trekking in Nepal, how to choose?

If it is your first time in Nepal or you do not have much experience in this sport, it is normal for you to have a hard time choosing which route is the most suitable for trekking in Nepal. Don’t worry. We are going to give you some information that will surely help you decide.

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If Nepal is rich in something, without a doubt, it is in the wide variety of trekking routes that, in addition, adapt to the different levels of hikers. Some tours last a few days, and others can last up to 15-20 days at high altitudes. 

To summarize a bit, we present a list of the 5 best treks in Nepal, taking into account aspects such as difficulty, accessibility, accommodation and main attractions:

Annapurna base camp trek

This route is a beautiful journey to the heart of the tenth highest mountain in the world, the Annapurna (8091 m). It is a very suitable route for all those people who are used to walking in the mountains. Easy and without technical difficulties, it is the ideal route for all those who want to visit the Himalayas without having to be professional mountaineers.

Mardi Himal Trek

This is an excellent alternative to our first choice. It is a parallel route to the Annapurna base camp and it is not too busy. It is located to the east of the Annapurna massif and is perfect for hikers looking to enjoy tranquility, although it is a little more demanding than the one at base camp.

Lang Tang trek

This is a moderate level trail that ascends and descends through the beautiful LangTang Valley. This region is one of the closest to Kathmandu, but despite this, it is not one of the most frequented by hikers. It was known for being one of the most affected places during the 2015 earthquake.

Gosaikunda Lake Trek

Also in LangTang, it is a hiking route that is outside the usual circuits of travelers and is of moderate difficulty. It stretches through some pretty wild areas. It runs through two valleys that are located north of Kathmandu.

Everest base camp trek

A legendary journey and a true symbol of Nepal and the Himalayas. This route will take you to the heart of the most famous mountain in the world. The degree of difficulty is medium-high and it is quite easy if you are used to walking regularly in the mountains. The area also has shelters, hostels and hotels for all budgets. Sadly, the overcrowding that we have seen in this area in recent times makes many think twice before doing this trek.

7. India, Buthan or Nepal, which one to travel to?

Well, the answer to the question depends on what you are looking for. They are all truly unique countries with cultures totally different from what we are used to, so you will not be indifferent no matter which one you choose.

Undoubtedly , these three countries have authentic wonders to offer their visitors , although there are also important differences.

  • As for Bhutan , you should know that you cannot travel to the country on your own and you have to hire a travel package with a minimum daily cost, which puts many of those who think of it as a travel option back.
  • There is little we can tell you about India that you have not heard or read, a fascinating country for many reasons. Its culture, its majestic monuments, customs or gastronomy make it an unforgettable place, suitable for all travelers since it is a very intense country on an emotional level.
  • Nepal , on the other hand, is a well-balanced country and recommended for all those who love nature and the mountains, but which does not lack its cultural and gastronomic part, becoming by far our favorite for a trip. Here you can see some of the things we love this country for.
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8. Travel to Nepal: On your own or in a group?

In this Wednesday, Oct. 22, 2014, photo, the Foster family takes a break at one of the many rest stops along a trekking trail in central Nepal, with the Annapurna Range of the Himalayas in the background. Dozens of rustic “tea houses” sprinkled along the trail serve hot masala tea and other refreshments and food, and most have simple rooms where you can stop to spend the night. (AP Photo/Malcolm Foster)

Probably at some point you have considered or will consider this question if you are thinking of traveling to Nepal, that is why here we leave you with a few general lines to help you decide.

Traveling and trekking on your own can allow you to go at your own pace and cheaper , but it should be noted that it is preferable to carry out this type of activity in a group. Traveling to Nepal at your own risk is a good idea for the more adventurous and experienced travellers.

Traveling to Nepal in a group is a much better idea if you are not so much or you are looking for another type of trip that is not so personal, since traveling in a group you have the security of having support in case of any setback or incident. 
The fact that you have fellow travelers with you will make your journey easier, as well as being a totally enriching experience in which you can exchange and share emotions and experiences. In turn, you will be able to meet new people and turn this adventure into something unforgettable.

On the other hand, you also have to take into account that, in organized trips, you can count on the company of guides and porters, which will make your journey significantly easier. In these cases, they will be in charge of transporting the load and you will only have to worry about carrying a small backpack with basic elements such as water, a snack and your documentation, which will make your journey easier and you will also be helping and collaborating with the local economy.

9. Travel to Nepal cheap: Is it possible?

Nepal is generally a cheap country to travel to. The most expensive part of a trip to Nepal is usually the flight, since there are not too many airlines that fly to the country, the main stopover being in Qatar or the United Arab Emirates.

Both food and accommodation are cheap in Nepal, although trekking permits and hiring guides and porters can mean a significant increase in the price of your trip to Nepal, especially if you opt for some of the more expensive and well-known like Everest. That is why if you are not going to organize the entire trip on your own, on many occasions it is worth contracting with an agency since for a similar price you get much more facilities.

Accommodation is between €6 and €8, although in Kathmandu or Pokhara prices can be somewhat higher. However, you have even cheaper options, such as sharing a room or even being hosted by a Nepalese family as a true backpacker.

As for transportation , the local bus is the most economical means. Of course, not the most comfortable, since it is usually full. But if what you are looking for is to lower costs, there is no color.

We hope that our tips for traveling to Nepal have helped you, we are sure that on any trip to this country you will enjoy an unparalleled adventure. Do not forget to go through our section of trips to Nepal where we periodically make trips to discover some of its best corners.

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