A weekend in Whistler


Do you want to ski, walk around town, or discover breathtaking scenery? Then Whistler is the place for you!

Whistler is located in British Columbia, on the west coast of Canada, north of Vancouver, in the mountainous Coast Range. It is best known for the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. It has a population of about 10,000. During peak tourist periods, there can be as many as 40,000 people, which shows that it is an attractive and touristy city!

How to get there?

Located about 2 hours by car from Vancouver, you will drive along the “Sea to Sky” Highway 99. You will discover sublime landscapes passing by Lions Bay, thanks to the views on different islands: Bowen Island, Bowyer Island, and the Gambier Islands. You can also get there by train, from Vancouver, with the Rocky Mountaineer Whistler Sea to Sky Climb Train.

Don’t miss on the way

On your way to Whistler, you can stop at Squamish (halfway between Vancouver and Whistler) to appreciate its magnificent waterfall in the forest. Remember to bring your K-way if you want to avoid ending up soaked! For those who wish to see this magnificent waterfall, it is located on the side of the road, so we advise you to look at its exact location on a map before your departure because it needs to be more well indicated… If you like adventure, go by feeling, and this will allow you to find yourself on improbable roads with landscapes more beautiful than the others, which you would not have seen if you had planned everything. Everyone does as he feels!

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Whistler has several youth hostels. For those who are away from the city center, buses are available to get there. We recommend the “HI-Whistler,” located just outside the city center and offers a great view of the mountains. The prices are also reasonable: between $28 and $36/night/person. It’s up to you to decide which type of weekend you prefer!


There are a lot of restaurants; the prices vary a lot, so it’s up to you to choose the one that suits you best! Here are some names: Araxi, BeerFoot Bistro, and Quattro at Whistler… There is a Mac Donald’s everywhere for people who want to spend as little time as possible eating and not pay too much, and there is a Mac Donald’s!

Party time

If you want to party a little, the bars in Whistler are very friendly, and some are free. If you want to go to a club, it’s better to go early and stay in line quickly… (Almost 2 hours waiting, without being sure to get in). Here are the names of some bars: The Garibaldi Lift Company, The Longhorn Saloon, Merlins, and Dusty’s Bar & BBQ…

Outdoor Activities

You can ski at the Black Comb resort. You may have heard of it; this resort has a gondola named “Peak 2 Peak,” which connects two mountains and holds the world record for the longest crossing (4.4 km). If you are a ski enthusiast, you should not miss this gondola!

Flight and helicopter

“Whistler Explorer” allows you to fly over Whistler and the Blackcomb Mountains for 20 minutes. An optional glacier landing is available (15 minutes).

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Rock Climbing

Discover the majestic old-growth forest on your own, with your friends, or with your family!

Mountain biking

Whistler is also known for its mountain biking trails! Take your mountain bike up the mountain, then ride down the mountain! Adrenaline guaranteed! (May to October) You can bring your mountain bike, or you can rent one on-site. -Golf: If you want to play golf, you’ve come to the right place. Professionals design four championship courses.

Bungee Jumping

Only 15 minutes from Whistler, jump over a river 53 meters high.


Don’t hesitate to go for a walk around the lakes. They are close to Whistler and are beautiful! I saw one in November 2011, in the middle of the winter season, and it’s amazing! I didn’t think a lake could be so beautiful to look at, especially with the mountains in the background and the forest, so if you go there in winter, don’t forget to go there, you shouldn’t miss this marvel that nature offers us! Here are the lakes near Whistler: Lost Lake, Alta Lake, and Green Lake. If you go to Whistler in the summer, you can swim in the cool water of these lakes.


For people who like to store, you will find what you are looking for! The prices are pretty high! This is because Whistler is a ski resort, and the stores are big brands (expensive brands): Can Ski, Showcase, Burton, Columbia, Quicksilver-Roxy, and The North Face… And of course, for people with smaller budgets, there are souvenir stores, like in all tourist towns! You’ll find everything from key chains to pencils to coasters… In short, there’s bound to be something to take back with you as a souvenir of this beautiful city.

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