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Berghain, an invitation to travel


The Berghain is certainly the most famous club in Berlin. The queue is long in front of the doors of the temple of techno, and the entrance is tricky.

It must not have escaped your notice; Berlin has imposed itself over the last decades as the European lair of electronic music. Every year, 3 million people come to tread the Berlin dance floors and taste the wind of freedom blowing over the German capital.

At the time, it was on the ruins of history that the counter-culture developed like Dimitri Hegemann (founder of the Treasury) and that the first techno “samples” resounded to warm up the hearts. Today there are dozens of clubs in Berlin, but one of them fascinates and intrigues. It is the mythical Berghain.

Come on, let me tell you!

Berghain, at the origins

It all started in the early 90s; Michel and Norbert (without whom this article would never have existed!) were on the job.

When they created the Berghain in 2004, these two were not at their first attempt. First, they ran the gay club Snax, a kind of traveling club in Berlin. (Besides, the Snax evenings still make their appearances today in the basements of the Berghain). Then, an attractive proposal will allow the two acolytes to install their turntables permanently in a factory on the banks of the Spree, formerly used for railway maintenance. In 1998, the Ostgut club was born, and France was the world football champion. We believe we are dreaming. What more!

Despite aggressive land speculation in the early 2000s, the club held out for several years. Having not yet taken the measure of the attractive and economic potential that the “world of the night” could represent, the municipality announced in 2003 the construction of the disliked and controversial O2 World Arena (sports complex with 17,000 seats) in place and place of the club. So that sounds like the death knell for Ostgut.

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From this ending clap, we will remember the memorable farewell party on January 4 and the reconversion of Ostgut, today’s official label of Berghain! Nice wink!

Recognized as the best club in the world by many, the famous Berghain has conquered the hearts of the whole Earth. On the other side of the Atlantic, Rolling Stones and The New Yorker even gave it a place of choice on the cover!

Why is the Berghain so popular?

Why is this place so prevalent in pop culture?

The sound system, let’s see! I thank Tony Andrews, the creator of Funktion-One or the genius of the excellent plan, and Ben Klock and Marcel Dettman, the two residents of the place. My ears will be eternally grateful.

As evidenced by the excellence of the “Mecca” of Techno, the German authorities elevated the Berghain to the rank of cultural heritage in 2016. Just that!

Now that you know a bit of history, let’s get to the heart of the Berghain experience!

Inside Berghain…

No other club sparks so many rumors or fantasies… I know what you’re thinking:

“not seen, not believed! All that is said, legend or reality?

The only way to find out: skip the stressful step of entering the club and get the pass that will take you deep into the bowels of the enormous disused Stalinist-style power station. The 4 floors of the building offer many spaces to dance and discuss or rest.

Two rooms, two atmospheres. As soon as you enter, you will hear the vibrations of cutting-edge techno emitted by the first floor, which is neither more nor less than the official room of Berghain.

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The Panorama bar, located on the second floor, will have you dancing to the rhythm of disco classics, pop anthems and, of course, the best of house.

Many of you carry this thirst for hedonism in Berlin, for whom entering the Berghain is the ultimate “holy grail”, as I understand you! Nothing like discovering what’s going on behind these concrete walls, rising 18 meters from the Ostbahnhof station.

Without wishing to disappoint you, my following lines will not tell you what is happening or what we see there. I would not say what to do or not to do because that is not important. The main thing is to be yourself and to listen to what is going on in your heart.

A little “cheesy”, I grant you.

Nevertheless, know that everyone can try their luck, so why not take yours?

Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Even if, at first glance, there is something to be intimidated by the Berghain, let’s desacralize the thing! It’s nothing but a place where you feel good in your sneakers. Well, let’s see, it’s a club, so let’s dance there, please.

Whether you are an early riser or a night owl, don’t worry, you won’t be left out! The club opens its doors from midnight on Saturday until Monday morning! The lucky ones among you will avoid the impressive rush hour queue. In case of crowds, patience is required. Take the opportunity to have a pleasant meeting!

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