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Cape Town the most romantic city

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Welcome to the most romantic city on the entire continent, Cape Town presents an endless amount of distinctive curiosities, magical secrets from times gone by and breathtaking nature. In 2014, it was named the world’s leading destination to visit, a wise move by the celebrated New York Times. It was ranked second in Travel and Leisure ‘s list of the most prestigious and important vacation destinations and was also considered the second best city in Africa by the Traveller’s Choice Awards.

Awarded as the City of Design!

Strolling through the center of Cape Town and observing the buildings of style and architecture, its financial centers and its infinite skyscrapers, transports any adventurer to New York. In the heart of the Cape, the landscape changes between its Victorian buildings and hotels with avant-garde designs. Cape Town has unique accommodation , 5-star rooms that will not give way to lack of details, high-end services, traditional gourmet and above all, a hospitality worthy of admiration. 

The main reason we chose Cape Town was its impetuous and enviable nature; wide panoramic views and beautiful landscaping, which will leave any adventurer, shocked by such great beauty. Do you know the Table Mountain, famous in English as Table Mountain ? Fulfill your dream, there is nothing like a helicopter flight , and enjoy the Cape from the sky.

Here the delights of the Garden Route begin to flourish Its inspiring trails, exciting tours of the beaches and the passes over mountains, give rise to one of the most beautiful and complete trips in the world. Also, looking further afield from its pristine shores of desire, adventurers can take a sleek cruise to Robben Island , the former ‘home’ of Nelson Mandela and several other political prisoners who fought against the Apartheid government. They will enjoy a guided tour of the complex and a fantastic museum like island. 

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Beyond the city, its magnetic mountain, and its charming and bucolic coasts, just 200 kilometers from the Cape, exclusive boats set sail daily with experts and diving lovers from all over the world, in search of the great King and marine predator … Quite a challenge! Hermanus is a prime location for whale watching and cage diving with the great white shark . As well as cave explorations!

The Victoria & Waterfront , one of its main tourist attractions, offers a unique experience of luxury shopping and vacations in a scenic port. Currently undergoing expansion, this hub of open-air cravings features high-end shopping, gourmet restaurants, cruise ship departure areas, and a variety of hit daytime and nighttime entertainment. Life is capricious and fate is your accomplice! The Cape has everything and for everyone. 

It is unimaginable that Cape Town is close to the true sanctuary of safari in South Africa … A luxury of the Cape, linked with the wildlife of the Kruger Park ? A day of exploration among the Big Five of Africa … along with a delicious cocktail on the private terraces of the highest-end resorts? Unbelievable just imagining it.

Without a doubt, South Africa has a special charm, it was considered “the tavern of the seas” for being one of the busiest transport corridors in the world and the most equitable city in South Africa , the most egalitarian par excellence of all cities. South Africans. Infinite definitions and synonyms of what we call today -our home-. Such is our desire, that we recommend an exquisite treat for the palate, the famous Cape Vineyards are a delight for the end of a luxurious safari in South Africa. With a select cultivation and excellent mastery since the 18th century, its floral landscapes that surround it, such a bond to a gift; they offer the highest quality in an innate environment, and unattainable beauty.

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A luxury for the five senses.
Cape Town is unique, that’s why we chose it.

When to go

The perfect time to visit Cape Town ranges from the months of March to May in the first place; Autumn in Cape Town is the ideal time for wine lovers, the low temperature and the tourist exodus mean the start of the annual harvest. In second place: colorful September, October and November , the best time to visit Table Mountain and the start of Cape spring, when vast swaths of the fynbos bloom and play host to Africa’s rarest Big Five.

These stations have an enviable climate. With warm and moderate temperatures, pleasant storms and refined sunsets, it will be a surprising delight for your next trip. It is interesting that you know, Cape Town is exclusive , while from October to April it rains in the rest of South Africa, the Cape is hot, sunny, dry and generally perfect for luxury holidays (it has the rainy season in winter) . There are unique and guaranteed opportunities in the Dry Season for sightings and panoramic views of natural and real wildlife, only the most privileged can enjoy it!


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