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How to choose a travel inn ?

How to choose a hostel weel

What makes a travel inn better depends more on the people who stay there. Here are our tips for making the right choice.

Good travel inn are always hard to find. Why one hostel is better than another has more to do with the people who stay there.
We stayed in hostels that looked like dumps but where we had a lot of fun, thanks to the people who stayed there.

On the other hand, we have already stayed in luxurious hostels but where we are bored to death! It’s not where you are that counts but who you meet.
Despite everything, it is always more pleasant to stay in a place that knows the needs of a traveler.
Here are our tips to choose a travel inn for you.

How to find a travel inn?

We always go through the Hostelworld site to find a travel inn. After researching, we rank hostels by most popular and highest rated.

Only 10% of the total amount will be charged when booking, and the rest will be paid on-site. So don’t forget to say you’ve made an advance at the inn! We noticed that they tend to forget it, and you often find yourself taxed at more than 10%.

Another piece of advice, do not book more than one or two nights.

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Our tips for choose a travel inn

A cheap travel inn doesn’t mean better

Budget travelers tend to head for really cheap travel inn.
However, don’t try to save money. Many cheap hostels are unsanitary, the beds uncomfortable, the showers dirty, and the pillows thinner than a towel. Feel free to shell out an extra dollar or two for a more comfortable seat. Your body will thank you.

A hostel with or without breakfast ?

One thing you don’t really like about some hostels is that they call breakfast “2 toasts and a coffee”. And you have to take it at 7:00 in the morning, and few travelers would be ready to get up at this very hour for a good breakfast.
So try to find a place with a real breakfast or at least one that starts and ends when people are awake.
Breakfast is a great way to fuel most of the day while cutting your food budget.

Pay attention to the departure time

Never stay in a hostel with a check-out time before 10 am; the best hostels have a check-out around 11 am, and the perfect ones allow you to check out until noon. Sleep is precious on the road and increasingly scarce when travelling, so this is an essential factor.

Lockers and safes

It’s fantastic, but you can come across hostels that don’t offer lockers or don’t require you to pay for one. Lockers should be the norm these days, especially since we tend to travel with many electronic devices (cameras, laptops); it’s always nice to know your stuff is safe.

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The Internet

Whether for Skype with the family or to answer personal or professional emails, the internet, when traveling has become essential these days!

A hostel with free WI-FI and computers available makes life much easier. You won’t have to search for an internet cafe.
Most hostels now offer free internet.

A bar

Some youth hostels have a bar; it is not essential but enjoyable. Generally, it signifies a perfect atmosphere since the managers favor a fun and festive evenings.
And then it’s an excellent way to socialize with the other occupants of the hostel.

Common room

If the hostel doesn’t have a bar, it should at least have a large common area. The best hostels offer travelers a place to socialize and relax; a hostel without a standard room is unpleasant. Common areas facilitate interaction and help single travelers connect with others.
The best hostels visited all have an excellent common room.

A hostel doesn’t need all of these criteria, but it should have the majority to be considered a comfortable place. Outside of the above criteria.

What makes a hostel enjoyable is the people you meet there, and even if it’s the worst hostel, it will still be enjoyable in your eyes because of the people you meet there.
But take people out of the equation, and you are left with only the above criteria. A hostel that knows your expectations as a traveler will give you a better experience.

And you, do you have any criteria to choose a hostel weel?

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