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Palombaggia Beach, Porto Vecchio, Corsica

Palombaggia Beach

Palombaggia Beach Found between France and Italy, the island of Corsica feels like it has a place in two countries at once. At Porto-Vecchio, on the southern coast confronting Italy and the Tyrrhenian Ocean, visit Palombaggia Shoreline for shinning, clear water; pink-tinted rock-free sand; and tender evening breezes.

Palombaggia Shoreline Guide

Palombaggia is the foremost popular shoreline in Corsica, and has legitimately been voted one of the Best 10 best shorelines in Europe. This much-loved, immaculate shoreline unavoidably gets outstandingly active in crest season. Given its popularity it pays to reach early within the morning and to save a great spot.

Beach Description

Flanked by mountains and umbrella-shaped pines, Palombaggia may be a wonderful 2 km extend of fine brilliant sand and shallow precious stone clear blue water (which extends steadily). The pink stone headlands that encase the shoreline include to the wealthy assortment of colours in this delightful shoreline. Palombaggia shoreline is in ensured nature location and is cleaned frequently. The shoreline faces the archipelago of Cerbicale (appealing uninhabited little islands).

Palombaggia is lifeguarded in season, and offers different water don offices, making it an perfect shoreline for families with enthusiastic children. Ocean trips to the Inlet of Porto-Vecchio, Cerbicales Islands and Lavezzi are too accessible. There are adequate nibble bars and sun-bed enlist.

The crowds can be overwhelming in summer. It is therefore worth whereas strolling assist along this tremendous extend of shoreline to elude the masses. The northern conclusion of Palombaggia shoreline (best stopping) is the busiest, conjointly tightest, portion of the shoreline. Assist to the south the shoreline extends and becomes less crowded.

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 There may be a cordoned swimming region here, with a few snorkeling by the rough zones near to the beach.

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