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The 10 Best Beaches in La Palma

If you are considering traveling to La Palma and are a beaches lover, we leave you with a summary of the best ones you can find.

If you are planning to travel to the island of La Palma, one of the most surprising and spectacular in the Canary Islands, and you are wondering about the best places to swim and soak during your vacation, you have come to the right place.
Curiously, the most famous places to enjoy the sea in La Palma are not the beaches themselves but the natural pools created next to the shore to avoid the waves.
Remember to visit the beaches of La Palma and the island in general. You will need your vehicle since public transport does not reach many of them.
We will start our bathing tour with the best-known ones, and we will go around the map of the island in a clockwise direction, stopping at any worthwhile area. If you know of any more, do not hesitate to send them to us, and we will include them in the list.

1. The swimming pools of Fajana

The La Fajana Pools are located in the extreme northeast of the island of La Palma. They are a set of three adjoining pools of different sizes, with easy access and all the services around them.

They are spectacular, but there are usually too many people in summer. They are currently open, and you can swim, but you cannot stay around the pool area due to Covid.

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2. The Blue Puddle

El Charco Azul is also in the northeast but closer to Santa Cruz. There is a single pool by the sea and another children’s pool above it. The Charco Azul pools are probably the best-known and most visited La Palma.
When there are few people, they are cozy and full of charm.
It has paid showers (€0.50) and is just 5 minutes away from the small beach of Puerto Espinola, protected from the waves by a breakwater. They are currently closed due to the situation with the Covid.

3. Nogales Beach

Nogales Beach is located just 15 km north of the capital and is probably the wildest and most beautiful on the island of La Palma.
To get there, you will have to walk about 500 m along a colorful path between rocks and go down quite a few steps, and its enormous extension guarantees that this beach is not overcrowded.

It is worth it. It is a beach of fine black sand in the middle of cliffs. Surfers highly appreciate it, but you must take care of the currents and waves during your swim. Ideal for bathing in the morning since the sun will soon leave the place at the beginning of the afternoon.

4. White Beach

At the same distance as the previous one from Santa Cruz but towards the south of the island. It is the only beach with this color we find on the entire island of La Palma. Although the sand is black, the millions of pieces of white shells scattered change its hue. Tiny and quiet, ideal to go as a couple.

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5. South Beaches

The beaches surrounding the Paris de Rio Muerto stand out in the southern area. The problem is that the descent from the road is not suitable for all cars due to the state of the road. The beaches of Martin to the north and Roquitos to the south have about 150 m of sand. Next to the farmhouse is the small Playa del Rio.

6. Echentive Beach

Already on the western coast, we find the little crowded Playa de Echentive formed after the 1971 eruption. This is where the medicinal waters of the Holy Fountain emanate. It is advisable to wear bathing shoes because it is not sandy and because the best is in the surroundings. A few meters away, you will find several pools of crystal clear waters to which healing properties are attributed.

7. The Green Puddle

Further north, we have El Charco Verde. Don’t let its name confuse you. This is not a pool but a small sandy cove with a lot of parking and even a lifeguard. It is a good place to practice snorkeling.

8. Tazacorte Beach

Tazacorte Beach is the most touristic on the island. Located in the municipality of Tazacorte, to the west of the island, it is flanked by a small promenade of about 600 m. There are plenty of restaurants in the area, and it even has a bus stop and services such as canoe rental.
In its favor, the area with the best climate for bathing on the entire island and beautiful sunsets complement the dip.

9. Poris de Candelaria

One of our favorite places on the island, although getting busier. The descent by car is a very steep, narrow, and curvy slope from Tijarafe to a small parking lot where about 10 cars should fit. If you continue going down a little more, you will reach the second car park with a slightly larger capacity. The low-end rental cars will have a hard time and want to go up later.

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You can also get there on a tourist boat from Tazacorte, which takes away all the excitement.
The third option is to do it on foot, using the PRLP.12 for this, a demanding path that seems short but that we recommend only if you are fit.
Upon arrival, you will find a handful of old fishers’ houses clinging to the rock and on the edge of crystal clear water that invites you to swim. We recommend you stay until sunset, first for magic and second because only without the sun pressing on your back will you be able to climb back to the car without cursing the slope.

10. Veta Beach

It is a little further north than the previous one, its version of sand and solitude. The process to access is the same: steep, curvy road, small parking lot, and 20 min on foot. On the north coast, the sea is almost always rough, and the coast is difficult to access, so there are no beaches.
There is an exception for the brave, Caleta de la Manga, near the neighborhood of Juan Adalid. You will have to walk down a path and face the sharp rocks that form it, but you will be completely alone and sheltered from the waves. Only recommended if you don’t want to meet anyone.

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