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The 10 most visited museums in the world

The Louvre Museum- Paris

You hear about art on every street corner, but in the end, you don’t know which museum is worth a look at. Put on your walking shoes and take out your passport! We take you to discover the best of the 10 most visited museums in the world!

The Victoria and Albert Museum, London (United Kingdom)

The Art Newspaper has just unveiled the ranking of the 10 most visited museums in the world. In 10th position is the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, UK. In 2018, the museum specializing in sculpture and decorative arts recorded some 3,970,000 visitors, which earned it two places in the top 10.

The Hermitage Museum, Saint-Petersburg (Russia)

In 9th position is the Hermitage Museum of Saint Petersburg in Russia, which accumulated 4,220,000 visitors in 2018, gaining a place in the top 10. Founded in 1764, it is one of the world’s largest museums both in terms of surface area and exhibits.

The National Gallery of Art, Washington (USA)

In the eighth position, we find the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, in the United States. The museum contains a vast collection of many masterpieces, which in 2018 attracted just over 4,404,000 visitors.

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The National Gallery, London (United Kingdom)

The National Gallery in London, UK, is in seventh place, renowned for its vast collection of paintings dating back to the 20th century. In 2018, these works attracted some 5,736,000 visitors, earning him a place in the top 10.

The British Museum, London (United Kingdom)

The famous British Museum in London in the United Kingdom and its vast collection of antiquities are in sixth place. In 2018, the museum attracted 5,820,000 visitors.

The Tate Modern, London (United Kingdom)

In the fifth position, we find the most visited museum in the United Kingdom, the Tate Modern, which houses a vast collection of modern and contemporary art. Neck and neck with the British Museum attracted some 5,869,000 visitors in 2018. Finding so many London museums in the top 10 is no surprise as most of the city’s museums offer free access and are a great opportunity for tourists.

The Vatican Museums, Rome

The first four places in the top 10 remain unchanged from last year. In fourth place are the Vatican Museums, which in 2018 attracted 6,756,000 visitors.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (USA)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, one of the largest art museums in the world, ranks third with 6,954,000 visitors in 2018. The museum’s collections include more than two million works of art from different countries. And periods.

The National Museum of China, Beijing

The National Museum of China took second place in the top 10, with 8,610,000 visitors in 2018. It is also one of the world’s largest museums, and its collection highlights the arts and history of China. A time at the top of the ranking, the museum is now largely dethroned by the French museum, which takes first place.

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The Louvre Museum, Paris (France)

The Louvre Museum in Paris takes first place in the top 10 of the most visited museums in the world. Although the only French museum in the ranking, it has achieved a real record: in 2018, the Louvre exceeded the bar of 10 million visitors. A 26% increase in attendance represents an unprecedented record for an art museum. The year 2018 at the Louvre was marked in particular by the success of the exhibition on Eugène Delacroix, visited by 540,000 people.

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