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The best holiday destinations for young couples

best holiday destinations for young couples

Travelling the world and discovering new destinations together is nothing more romantic. This is an opportunity to get together a little, take a break from the daily grind, get to know each other better, and discover your other half’s qualities during unforgettable adventures. With these  10 best holiday destinations for young couples (plus a bonus), you have to choose the one that tempts you the most to surprise your darling.

10 Best holiday destinations for young couples

The islands of the Maldives

The islands of the Maldives

Qualified as the most beautiful archipelago in the world, the  Maldives are obvious for a romantic vacation. With white sand, coconut palms and crystal clear waters, passion is combined with tranquillity and letting go. The small traditional cabins on stilts will offer an intimate and idyllic atmosphere. As you will understand, the Maldives is the ultimate glamorous destination of the moment, ideal if you like all-inclusive stays!


Madeira, Portugal

Madeira will bewitch you in search of a romantic setting combining relaxation and activities in the heart of nature. Its wild beauty, friendliness and bright colours will bring an undeniable charm to your stay for two. A trip to the heights to listen to the sound of the sea and admire the geological structures, dinners in picturesque restaurants… the island of flowers will not leave you indifferent, be sure of it. It is an ideal destination for your summer vacation.

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Island of Kauai, Hawaii

In Kauai, we adopt the “Aloha” atmosphere and let ourselves be transported by this unequalled pleasure. Lush nature, spectacular sunsets and aquatic activities, all the conditions are met to offer you the most revitalizing holiday as a coupleDuring a romantic stroll on the beach, you will be fascinated by the majestic cliffs in the shape of a crescent moon.


Marrakesh, Morocco

A folkloric city of a thousand and one colours, Marrakech is one of the most favourable destinations for couple travel. In the heart of the medina or the shade of a traditional riad, you will be immersed in a delicious timeless parenthesis. Arm in arm, you can stroll through the Majorelle Garden, which inspired the famous Yves Saint Laurent, in complete peace of mind, taking full advantage of the magic of the moment.


Lapland, Finland

Enchanted and grandiose, Lapland stands out as the romantic getaway par excellence. Northern lights and sleigh rides, here, the ambient magic is nothing but an invitation to love and dream. Just the two of you, far from the urban hustle and bustle, as privileged people, will be amazed by these breathtaking landscapes … enough to fill up with unusual and unforgettable moments.


Santorini, Greece

Santorini is part of our top 10 best holiday destinations for young couples, a true haven of peace with a view worthy of a postcard. Its atmosphere breathes like a wind of lightness into your duo. It is good to be in love and sail through the colourful alleys. 


Prague, Czech Republic

Steeped in history, as mysterious as it is wildly romantic, Prague is rising. There is seduction in the air here, and the famous Saint Charles bridge bears witness to it. On the small island of Kampa, ”  Venice of Prague”, you will indulge your desires in an enchanting and completely exotic setting.

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Natural parks in Sri Lanka

Natural parks in Sri Lanka

For nature lovers, the 13 parks and nature reserves of Sri Lanka will enrich your stay as a couple. Because this country is full of idyllic settings and activities to share with your other half, you will be delighted to dive into the heart of traditional India and create, together, incomparable shared memories.


Bali, Indonesia

We celebrate love in all its states in Bali. Here, nature is exuberant, and the inhabitants warm. You will taste delicious dishes and discover a pleasantly relaxed way of life conducive to good humour. Visit the sacred temples, and walk by the sea. This setting of sweetness will inevitably seduce you.

New York-USA

New York, USA

“One day I will go to New York with you” … and why not make this dream come true? A romantic walk along the Hudson River, hide and seek in the unmissable Central Park, or a visit to the imposing Empire State Building, New York offers many superb places to discover as a couple. The magic will be at its peak by declaring your flame to him on the Brooklyn Bridge.

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