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The best time to travel to Guadeloupe

best time to travel to Guadeloupe

Whether it is called the butterfly island of its shape or the island of beautiful waters of its warm springs, the evocation of Guadeloupe instantly arouses the desire to fly away to its turquoise waters and its lush nature. Here are our tips for choosing the best time to travel to Guadeloupe.

Do you want to know when to go to Guadeloupe for a successful stay?

Spending the winter in the tropics

As in the rest of the Caribbean, the tropical climate of Guadeloupe means that the dry season begins in November. It lasts until April and gives the island a pleasant atmosphere. Temperatures are between 25°C and 30°C, and the water flirts with 26°C.

If you are wondering when to go to Guadeloupe to enjoy the island’s idyllic beaches and explore its lush nature, this is the best time in Guadeloupe.

Guadeloupe’s beaches are renowned for their beauty, and wherever you go, you can lay your towel on long stretches of white sand bordered by crystal-clear waters.

Sainte-Anne will be the place to be if you want to enjoy a relaxing break in the heart of a postcard landscape. From the Caravelle beach to the Bourg beach, passing by Bois Jolan, settle down in the shade of a coconut tree before taking advantage of regenerating sea baths.

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May and June, nature at its peak

At the end of the dry season and before the beginning of the low season, the climate of Guadeloupe sees its temperatures increase. Rainfall is more frequent, but with an average of eight hours of sunshine daily, your relaxation program will not be disturbed. This will also be the ideal time in Guadeloupe to discover the island’s natural treasures.

The Deshaies botanical garden will be the ideal visit to observe the flowers of the Caribbean world in full bloom. The explosion of colours of bougainvillaeas and hibiscus will punctuate your walk between cheese trees, breadfruit trees, baobabs and talipots.

Suppose you like to walk and are wondering when the best time to travel to Guadeloupe to offer you some hikes on the slopes of the Soufrière is the right time. To discover the typical vegetation of the tropical climate, stop in the dense forest of Mamelles park, where the cool waters of the Écrevisses waterfall await you.

Summer is a low season with many advantages

The tropical climate of Guadeloupe imposes its hot temperatures from July to October. It is then the low season on the island: the rainfall takes the form of temporary storms and refreshes the atmosphere. With a water temperature flirting at 30°C, your stay will be a great opportunity for swimming and diving and snorkelling sessions.

Off the coast of Bouillante, the Cousteau reserve will reveal populations of multicoloured tropical fish, corals of various shapes and colours and even rays and dolphins under its protected waters. You can also head for the island of Désirade, a wild jewel whose coral reef is home to colourful fauna and flora. A visit to Pointe-à-Pitre will also be a must during your stay in the low season. Take the time to stroll through the Saint-Antoine market to discover the spices flavouring traditional dishes. Exotic fruits, fragrant vanilla pods and local specialities offer a colourful show that will not fail to awaken your senses.

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What is the best time to travel to Guadalupe? The answer is simple: all year round! Thanks to its tropical climate, Guadeloupe is the promise of sunny breaks in low and high seasons. Swimming, diving, sailing or discovering the natural and cultural heritage: to choose the best time to go to Guadeloupe, follow your desires!

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