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The top 10 zoos to see around the world

The top 10 zoos to see around the world

This ranking was made in 2018 by TripAdvisor. The site relied on the opinions of its community to establish such a list and award its now famous ”  Traveller’s Choice Awards  “.

Each year, zoos and aquariums around the world welcome more than 700 million visitors (source: WAZA, the world association of zoos and aquariums). A public that seeks to observe animals as closely as possible and learn more about their life in the wild, their conservation, and other information is generally indicated on the animal parks’ explanatory sheets. And to make their visit an unforgettable experience, several criteria come into play, such as the size and layout of the enclosures, the services offered by the zoo, or the species presented. TripAdvisor’s reference site for online reviews has compiled the opinions of its Internet users who have visited zoos around the world. According to the public, this resulted in a ranking among the top 10 zoos to see around the world. Here it is!

Loro Parque in Spain

This zoological park in the Canary archipelago, off the coast of Morocco, has more than 25,000 reviews on TripAdvisor, 93% of which are positive (73% excellent and 20% very good). Also, in 2017, the Loro Parque won the top 10 prizes. The park is particularly known for its water shows featuring killer whales and dolphins.

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The San Diego Zoo in the United States

In second place is the San Diego Zoo in California. It has more than 24,800 reviews on TripAdvisor, of which 92% are excellent and very good. Among the unusual animal species in animal parks, the San Diego Zoo is home to giant pandas, bonobos, Galápagos tortoises, and even okapis.

Singapore Zoo

With 92% positive opinions collected from nearly 20,000 visitors, the Singapore Zoo has risen to third place in this list of zoos worldwide. The lush nature that reigns over the place comes up regularly in visitors’ comments.

The Beauval ZooParc in France

The first and only French zoo to feature in the top 10 zoos in the world, the ZooParc de Beauval sits in fourth place. It has garnered 93% positive reviews out of TripAdvisor’s more than 10,000 reviews.

The Prague Zoo in République Tchèque

Inaugurated in 1931, Prague Zoo comes in fifth place. More than 9,000 visitors have left a review on TripAdvisor, of which 94% are positive (77% excellent and 17% very good). The establishment presents more than 680 species, including gorillas, polar bears, and Asiatic lions.

The Chester Zoo in the United Kingdom

In the sixth position comes the Chester Zoo, with a score of 91% positive opinions from more than 13,000 comments. This English animal park brings together 21,000 animals, admired yearly by just over 1.9 million visitors.

The Saint-Louis Zoo in the United States

Another American zoo to appear in this ranking is the zoo of Saint-Louis in the State of Missouri. This park reaches seventh place thanks to its 7,700 reviews, of which 95% are positive. If nearly 3 million people go there yearly, it’s not for nothing!

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Vienna Zoo in Austria

The oldest zoo in the world has nothing to envy more modern animal parks, according to the Traveller’s Choice 2018, since it ranks eighth among zoos in the world. 93% of people who visited it and shared their impressions on TripAdvisor expressed an “excellent” or “very good” opinion of more than 8,500 Internet users.

Bioparc Valencia in Spain

This is the second Spanish animal park to feature in the top 10 zoos in the world, after Loro Parque, number 1 in this ranking. The Valence Bioparc received 92% positive opinions out of the 8,800 posted on TripAdvisor.

The Henry Doorly Zoo in the United States

Also called Omaha Zoo, this American animal park is located in the state of Nebraska. It was established in 1894 and also has an aquarium. With 95% positive opinions among the 5,200 visitors who have walked its aisles, the Henry Doorly Zoo brings up the rear of this top 10.

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