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Tips to save time at the airport

save time at the airport

Those who often travel already know that you can lose a lot of time when you travel by plane. Here are some tips for staying within a reasonable amount.

Long live the internet!

internet at the airport

Thanks to the internet, it is possible to register online. It is often 24 hours before you can connect to the company’s site and register. You can easily choose your place if the one assigned by default does not suit you or specify your meal preferences. But the most pleasant thing, and what will save us time, is to print your boarding pass directly from home! A real-time saver when arriving at the airport, where all you have to do is go to the baggage drop-off counter.

The right place

 seat airplane

By choosing your seat online, you can take one closer to the exit and save a few minutes on arrival. Selecting one close to the toilets will also avoid long queues. When the safety instruction to fasten seat belts goes out, many passengers head for the bathroom simultaneously. You will be one of the first to arrive.

A big suitcase…really?


We often go on vacation with a whole bunch of clothes that will only sometimes be used on-site. We are victims of the famous “you never know” syndrome. While in reality, we will go to a hot country where we will spend three-quarters of the stay in shorts and flip-flops. The three pairs of pants, the suit and the six shirts will remain at the bottom of the suitcase. With a bag that you bring to the cabin, you don’t waste time checking in; you don’t waste time waiting at the carousel; you also avoid losing it with connections.

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NEXUS program

If you often travel to the United States, consider subscribing to the NEXUS program. This program is designed to expedite the passage of Canadian and US borders for pre-approved, low-risk travellers. It will cost you $50 to join. Once accepted, you will receive an identification card which you will use to enter Canada or the United States through one of the NEXUS-designated ports of entry in air, land and sea modes. Joining the program will save time: – Using one of the self-service automated declaration kiosks in the sections provided for this purpose at designated international airports. – Using lanes reserved for the NEXUS program at the land border. – By using the screening lane reserved for trusted travellers of the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) at significant and some mid-sized Canadian airports, you will pass through the pre-boarding checkpoints more quickly.For more information .

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