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top 10 cheapest countries in the world in 2022

10 cheapest countries in the world

The year 2022 has already started for a few months, and you still don’t know where to go? What if this year you treat yourself to a beautiful and long trip?

The cheaper a destination costs, the more, of course, we can afford to stay there for a long time or to have small pleasures that we can’t do here.
In some countries, you can barely live appropriately on a budget of € 100 a day. While in others, with the same budget, we have the villa, the activities, the gourmet restaurants…

Not long ago, I went to Japan and, for a small bed in a dormitory, I had to pay almost € 40! While in Ubud, Indonesia, you can rent a 2-bedroom villa with a private pool for the same budget!

Do you see what I’m getting at? If you want to travel on a small budget, it is possible, provided you choose your destination well. This year, I did a little world tour of the cheapest countries in the world. Some of them are even cheaper than in 2018. This is usually due to the decline in the value of the local currency, the collapse of the markets or the decline in tourist attendance.

Let’s go, here is a list of the 10 cheapest countries to visit in 2022



25 € PER DAY
Close your eyes and imagine white sand beaches, superb surf spots, great snorkelling sites, rice terraces, and impenetrable jungles … You are in Indonesia, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful countries in the world..

Indonesia is, to this day, one of the cheapest countries I know. With 1 euro, you will have more than 15,000 Indonesian rupiah, which is more than 1,000 rupees more than in 2018. And 6 years ago, you would have only had 9000 rupees for the same amount in euros!

I’ve already talked about it a little bit above, but Indonesia offers excellent accommodation for cheap. And it’s the same for transportation and food. It happened to me several times to rent a private room in a villa with a swimming pool for less than € 20 per night.

And then, great gourmet that I am, I also love enjoying myself without breaking the bank. By the sea, you can enjoy ultra-generous fish and seafood meals for less than € 3, and spend even less to rent a scooter for a whole day.
The only expensive thing in Indonesia is alcohol. Most alcohol is imported, and the local government has implemented a rather dissuasive tax. If you want to buy a pack of 6 beers of poor quality, it will cost you, on average, about twenty euros. The solution is to drink locally. Bintang beer, for example, costs between €1 and €2 in bars and restaurants.

Of all the countries I have been able to visit, Indonesia is one of the cheapest. I also stayed there as a Digital Nomad for several months. And if we add a relatively high euro and a rather low rupee at the moment, this is even more true today than in the past. So, it’s time or never to go and discover the volcanoes of Java, the Gili Islands, the rice fields of Bali, the orangutans of Sumatra … and many other things!



19 € PER DAY
In my list of the cheapest countries in the world I really wanted to include a country from Eastern Europe, although the budget is slightly higher than for other places. In general, Bulgaria is a beautiful country.

Although it is often challenging to communicate with the locals (language barrier), I have gained a very positive experience from this country. This destination is one of the cheapest countries in Europe.

During my tour of Eastern Europe, I remember going to a massive restaurant in Sofia and eating for only 4 euros. I was shocked by the cost of living so low. A dorm room costs no more than 6 euros; evening drinks are around 1 euro.

The maximum I had to spend in a day in Bulgaria was 17 euros and that included a very very big evening in a seaside resort. If you want to know more about this country, I recommend reading my article on Bulgaria where I tell you everything I could do with 250 euros in 2 weeks of travel!

To summarize, I would tell you that if you want to travel in Europe without spending too much money, discover great historical sites, drink wine as good as in France (yes yes, it is possible) and meet really nice people, then Bulgaria should be your next destination. It is undoubtedly one of the cheapest countries in Europe.

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17 € PER DAY
Well, ok, India is not winning all the votes. We either love her, or we hate her! And even if you adore her, there is bound to be a time when you will hate her. India is one of the most intoxicating destinations in the world. Chaos mixed with serenity. Poverty is mixed with wealth—splendour mixed with filth.

India perfectly embodies all the paradoxes of our world. It transforms, it bewitches, it revels. In any case, she always provokes something vital.

In addition to being one of the most fascinating destinations on our planet, India is also one of the cheapest. We can thank the Indian rupee since today, 1 euro is equivalent to 78 rupees, which is about 8 rupees more than in 2018. Remember that India is the best place to optimize your savings.

The last time I went to India, I had the opportunity to buy myself the cheapest (but perfectly satisfying) meal of all my trips. For 20 cents on the street, I had several puris (fried buns) and two different kinds of curry. It was delicious and nourishing… In short, excellent!

Of course, I am talking to you here from an extreme. But even without being a fan of street food, you can get by for really cheap. On several occasions, I ordered squeezed lime juice for less than 15 cents a glass and local meals for about € 1.20 on average. To sleep, I mainly focused on the ashrams since it’s free. But even sleeping in hotels, I could get by for €2 or €3 a night.

Transportation also doesn’t cost much; it doesn’t matter if you take the train or the bus. For example, I could do Bombay-Calcutta, or almost 2000 kilometres, in 30 hours of driving for less than € 10! It was the most economical, but the upper classes were also inexpensive.



21 € PER DAY
I travelled by backpack to Colombia around 2013; since then, the country has been one of my favourite destinations. The people there are fantastic, breathtaking nature with impenetrable jungles, the colonial cities are majestic, and the beaches are magnificent! A dream destination, in short.

In recent years, the Colombian peso has lost a lot of value, devastatingly affecting the local population. So it’s time to go and participate in the local economy without spending too much money.

I have a friend who has lived close to Bogota for several years. He recently told me that in 2014, 1 euro was equivalent to 2000 pesos. Today, 1 euro is equivalent to 3550 pesos, an increase of more than 70%!

The good news is that the peso has roughly stabilised since the beginning of 2019. But it is still shallow, and the prices are always ridiculous for Europeans.

I remember that when I visited the country when the peso was higher, I could eat at a restaurant for € 5 on average, and I rented a superb room in a guesthouse by the sea at only € 25 a night. We can also snorkel for about thirty euros a day.

In Colombia, I slept in exceptional hotels, some with integrated clubs, others with rooftop pools, and others with ultra-luxurious rooms… The price of tours and excursions is affordable. By the way, I highly recommend that you take a 4-day trek in the Ciudad Perdida and discover the coffee culture in Salento (this last excursion costs less than € 2!).



29 € PER DAY
Cuba is your destination if you want to discover the Caribbean without breaking the bank! This region is one of the cheapest countries and far from the least interesting. There are several possibilities: stay all-inclusive, or travel on your own. The latter option is, of course, more economical.

I love Cuba because it has a unique atmosphere in the world. The beaches are beautiful, the people are very welcoming, the breathtaking landscapes, the delicious food…

In Cuba, we pay in CUC. For 1 €, you will have a little more than 1.10 CUC. The exchange rate is not exceptional, but considering that the cost of living is lower, we find ourselves there well. We pay the equivalent of our cents for the cheapest things in CUP. Namely that 1 CUC = 25 CUP.

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Stay with a local to save money and meet people. It will be an opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and discover the real daily life of the locals. Other options are also possible, such as Airbnb (count on average 25 € for a small apartment) or local hotels (from 20 to more than 150 € per night, depending on the category). To sleep with the locals, a double room with breakfast included will cost you a little less than € 20.

Airbnb is booming in Cuba. But even worldwide, renting an apartment or a room from an individual will allow you to save significantly. And to pay even less, here is an Airbnb discount coupon of € 20 for you!

Activities are also inexpensive in Cuba. Of course, the best thing is not to spend anything lounging on dream beaches or walking around the cities. But if you want to visit a cave, go for a walk on horseback or go on an excursion, count on average from € 5 to € 25.

The food is not very expensive either. If you can cook in your room/studio, do it! But if you want to go to a restaurant, you will spend between € 4 and €8 on a great dish. Cocktails are 2 to 3 times cheaper than in France, around €2. As you will have understood, Cuba doesn’t cost much!



21 € PER DAY
Another exotic destination that is one of the cheapest countries in the world is the Philippines! Life in this country will cost you no more than 460 euros per month.

By following the rule of staying away from large cities, you will quickly understand that Manila, the capital, is not an option. We rent an apartment in this city for around € 300 per month.

But if you stay on the beautiful island of Cebu, one of the most developed provinces in the Philippines, you can get an apartment for less than 150 euros per month.

This island has spectacular diving spots and magnificent white sand beaches, which, unlike Koh Rong, do not suffer from isolation since Cebu is also the second city in the Philippines, which allows you to alternate between charming cafes, cultural walks, shops, restaurants, and the beach, in the same day.
What is the cost of hostels in Cebu? From €4.65 in the dormitory, at SR Hostel.

I lived in Cebu for a few weeks and my days consisted of paddling from island to island with a Canoe that I had rented for several days. I even went to islands where there were no inhabitants.



19 € PER DAY
Kyrgyzstan is, for many, an original or even unknown destination, but it is still one of the few countries for which you will hear your entourage ask you, “what? Does this country exist? Where is it? Isn’t this a country from the adventures of Tintin?”

You will meet the unexpected by visiting Kyrgyzstan; a nomadic, equestrian country made up of spectacular mountains and magnificent alpine lakes. Expect to be surprised at every corner…. finally at every corner of the mountains.

In Kyrgyzstan, you can rent (or even buy) a horse from the locals for almost nothing and go on a multi-day trek in the mountains and plains.

I rented mine for 1600 SOM (Kyrgyz currency) or 25 euros for two days and one night. Having never ridden a horse (well, yes, but I was 10 years old and it was a pony), I, therefore, preferred to take a guide with me (which cost me the same amount) so as not to lose myself and be confident.

Two magical days are visiting hidden valleys near Karakol and meeting nomads in the distance on the road…
I never stopped being dazzled by the beauty of the landscapes and the stories the guide told me about each place I visited…
If you can come in the summer, a horse trek is something to do absolutely!

As for the cost of living, I had paid on average €5 for a meal, €10 for a comfortable double room, and €8 to enter some of the most beautiful national parks in the world.

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29 € PER DAY
Taiwan is the most beautiful country I have visited so far. Most people know this country for its “Made in Taiwan”, but few people suspect its beauty.
I travelled for more than a month on this island, thinking to myself, “How did I miss this country for so long?! »

If I had to describe Taiwan, it is a mixture of Chinese tradition and Japanese atmosphere.
All the locals I met were super warm and welcoming. Couchsurfing and hitchhiking work wonderfully, the culinary specialities are delicious, and the landscapes are genuinely BREATHTAKING.

Regarding the cost of living, I was also shocked. Imagine that for about € 4; you can eat a delicious and hearty dish! And when I say very hearty, I am not exaggerating anything because it has often happened to me that I have to share my dishes with a friend so as not to spoil them. And on the street, it’s even more blatant. If you are a fan of street food, you will get by for just € 2 per meal.

This site offers some Taipei tours that I recommend, but you can generally do them on your own.

Finally, as for accommodation, I spent on average between 10 and 20 € per night, and sometimes a little more in big cities.



25 € PER DAY
It is impossible to make this top without talking about Thailand, which for me, is one of the best travel destinations in the world.

I often read here and there that Thailand is an overrated country where it is no longer possible to live an authentic adventure and that the prices have become excessive.

Indeed, if we limit ourselves to paper guides, information gleaned from the net, and travel blogs, we end up finding ourselves in the same tourist places as others, paying a fortune for restaurants, accommodation, his activities and leaving the country slightly disgusted.

Thailand remains a very accessible country, with so many things to see and do that you will want to go back again and again. Imagine that it alone is home to fascinating cities, paradisiacal islands, lush jungles and fabulous national parks. I love it!

And as for the cost of living, here too we can have fun. The Baht, the local currency, has not notably declined in value in recent years, but that’s not a big deal because life there is already very affordable.

The last time I went to Thailand, I remember that I paid about 10-15 € for a comfortable room, between 6 and 8 € for a basic room, less than 2 € for really delicious local dishes, and about fifteen euros for a half-day snorkelling. And if you want a little luxury, you can get away with it for about fifty euros per night in a villa with a swimming pool! Yes, it is one of the cheapest countries in the world!

What costs the most when travelling to Thailand is the flight. But the good news is that in recent years, many low-cost companies have joined the market, and you will be able to find plane tickets for really cheap (take a look at the article)



24 € PER DAY
In 2018 I travelled by motorcycle to Bolivia. A road trip of almost a month in the middle of the wilderness.

From Santa Cruz to the Salt Desert via La Higuera (where Che Guevara was executed), I travelled almost 3,000 km through countless plains, mountains, cities and small villages.

In summary: 26 days, 1 country, 1 flat tire, 1 wild llama almost broke, breathtaking landscapes, 3 police checks, temperatures ranging from 0 at night to 30 degrees during the day, a stupid fall downhill, psychopathic stray dogs chasing you, 0 diarrhoea.

Bolivia is a vast country with all kinds of landscapes and ecosystems. Renowned for its fishing spots and its majestic glaciers, the country can be visited all year round.
If you like beautiful landscapes, high-altitude lakes, mountains, good wine, effervescent cities, and historical sites …? Then take a closer look at Bolivia, one of the cheapest countries in South America.

The only problem with Bolivia is the cost of the plane ticket from Europe. Count about 1000 euros for the round trip. The advantage is that you will only spend very little money once there!

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