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valdelinares ski

The ski resort of Valdelinares is located among the highest peaks of the Sierra de Gúdar, at over 2000 meters above sea level. The resort offers a 7.5-kilometer ski area divided into the following runs: 3 green, 4 blue, and 3 red.

It also offers a cross-country ski circuit and a spectacular snowpark. The secret of Valdelinares is a perfect connection between nature, its forests, and the ease and comfort of a family resort.

If you want to learn to ski, the resort is prepared for you to learn about the snow, and for the most experienced, thrills await you on the slopes of greater difficulty.

New lines and jumps have been integrated into the Snowpark for the bravest. Since moving to the Villarejo piste, the Snowpark has doubled in size.

 The modern snow cannon equipment installed throughout the area guarantees correct snow cover throughout the winter.

The Aramón Valdelinares ski resort is located in the Iberian system, in the municipality of Valdelinares, specifically in the Gúdar-Javalambre region of the province of Teruel and 70 km from the provincial capital. The ski resort of Valdelinares crowns the highest peaks of the Sierra de Gúdar at over 2000 meters above sea level. The resort has a 9-kilometer ski area divided into the following alpine ski slopes: three green, four blue, and three red.

History of the Valdelinares ski resort

Valdelinares history

Valdelinares ski resort has a history of more than 30 years. Its origins started with a ski lift and a single track in the hands of a few local mountaineers who loved skiing.

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Until 1991 it was in private hands when the total number of slopes was increased to 3 and the number of ski lifts to 3. That year, it passed into the hands of the General Council of Aragon (DGA), calling itself the Teruel Ski Company…

One of the company’s main objectives is to contribute to developing the Gúdar-Javalambre region as a tourist destination, which is why it was decided to open the ski resort also in summer. And since 1994, during the summer months of July and August, they have offered multi-adventure activities for all tourists who want a good time.

Since 2001, Nieve de Teruel has been part of a Holding or group of 5 companies called Aramon, Montañas de Aragón. The resort was favored when the Javalambre ski resort opened, as it expanded its number of runs and lifts. With the most modern snowmaking systems on all its slopes, a lift capacity of 11,000 skiers/hour, more than 12 skiable kilometers, 5 cafeterias, 3 restaurants, and all the services that the most demanding skiers and visitors can ask for, the two resorts offer everything necessary to satisfy the skier’s request.

Distribution of slopes in Valdelinares

slopes in Valdelinares

In Valdelinares, there are 5 green runs, ideal for beginners. They are Debutantes I, Debutantes II, Colmenilla, Hornillo and Bujarones. At the foot of Bujarones is the Cabaña 1900, a beautiful wooden building with an innovative design in the middle of the slopes and surrounded by trees. There you can also enjoy spectacular views of the Mirador de Valdelinares.

The resort also has 5 blue runs (El Bosque, Central, Villarejo, La Mina, and Monegro). With a little more difficulty than the previous ones and through which you can start to slide as you descend, the green runs with ease. By the last two, La Mina and Monegro, you will reach the lowest point of the Station (1700 meters). If you want to go back up, you have to take the Valdelinares or El Bolage chairlift, with 4 places, to continue enjoying one descent after another.

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If you prefer, you can go ice skating at the resort’s new ice rink, located next to the car park, which has already become one of the most visited places. After taking off your skis, you can put on your skates and enjoy while you slide on the ice in the open air, in a magnificent setting, at more than 2000 meters.

Unique Features of Valdelinares


It also has a complete cross-country ski circuit and a spectacular snowpark. The secret of Valdelinares is a perfect combination between the natural appeal of its forests and the comfort of a family resort.

Like its “sister” Javalambre, with whom it shares a ski pass and a ski area guaranteed to be 100% artificial snow, Aramón Valdelinares is an ideal enclave for fans of the Valencian Community, given its proximity. However, every time you can find more skiers from other latitudes.

The common denominator for all is learning and the family character, a peculiarity of the Teruel resorts, which does not prevent us from enjoying red runs with a certain level of demand where we can express ourselves at ease.

In the upper part of the Station, next to the car park, we will find a well-defined area for beginners, whether skiers or snowboarders. The latter also has a snowpark in constant renovation and expansion.

The Snowpark, extended last season, is located towards the Villarejo slope. If you want to learn to ski, the Station is ready to get started in the white sport and experience sensations on the slopes with a higher level of difficulty.

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For the more daring, the lines and jumps of the Snowpark are redesigned, which has changed its location on the Villarejo track, where it doubles in size. The most modern snow systems guarantee snow throughout the winter season in Valdelinares, as the entire ski area is covered in artificial snow.

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