Which is way cheaper to travel to Aruba or Bahamas?

Aruba or Bahamas

You might have an idea what that means. Which is way cheaper to travel to Aruba or Bahamas? When we think of the Bahamas, many of us think of all-inclusive resorts and palm trees. However, the country is ranked among the most expensive countries in the world.

This guide will walk you through all the costs of a trip to Aruba and the Bahamas and give you practical advice on how you can travel on a medium budget.

Which is cheaper, Aruba or Bahamas?


Travel cheaper in the Bahamas


Contrary to some popular belief, the Bahamas is not just a destination for the rich and the stars. It is a destination accessible to everyone, and you will not have to break the bank to enjoy your stay. Here are some tips you should know to help you appreciate the riches and beauty of the Bahamas while traveling without having to empty your bank account.

Plan a stay in the low season

If you plan to stay in the Caribbean on the side of the Bahamian archipelago, it is essential to choose the period carefully so as not to spend too much. Climatically, the Bahamas is pleasant all year round. But to save money, you must sacrifice some sunny days and organize your trip during the low season. This period extends between May and November.

Even if it is sometimes marked by clouds and a few short showers, the weather will always be pleasant. You should know that the archipelago enjoys an average of 8 hours of sunshine per day.

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Do not be very demanding on accommodation

By avoiding being too picky about your accommodation choice, you can make significant savings. This does not mean that you will also have to sacrifice your comfort during your vacation in the Bahamas, but it is advisable to avoid accommodations that are too luxurious. You can also take advantage of the low season to find reasonably priced accommodation.

Indeed, promotions are often offered during this off-peak tourist period. Even if high-end establishments dominate the market on the archipelago, you will generally find the cheapest stay offers at 3/4 star hotels.

It should be noted that the rates depend on the infrastructure and services offered. Remember to choose your accommodation according to your needs.

Let yourself be tempted by the all-inclusive formulas

To save money, the majority of holidaymakers turn to all-inclusive or “all-inclusive” packages. However, most of the stays offered in the Bahamas are à la carte, especially accommodation. This is because many hotel complexes are enormous, and the restaurants provide gourmet dishes created by star chefs.

However, some establishments offer all-inclusive vacation packages. As they are few, it is recommended that you inquire in advance about the offers, the booking conditions, and the services concerned.

Opt for less expensive means of transport on site

Once there, you are indeed looking for a way to get around. For example, you can rent a car or golf cart on smaller islands. However, given the prices and the rules to be followed on the road, vehicle rental is not always the most practical solution. And this option is not necessarily economical either.

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To save money, the “jitney bus” remains the most suitable solution when it is available. You can take this minibus along the main roads throughout the day. The mailboat is the most affordable transport if you need to reach the outer islands. It is a cargo boat capable of transporting vacationers from island to island. You can also take a water taxi while in the Bahamas.

Is Aruba expensive?

The island of Aruba in the southern Caribbean is a tropical paradise known for its miles of golden beaches, crystal clear waters rich in marine life, rugged national park, local heritage and a dash of Dutch culture.

But while Aruba is a popular destination for honeymooners and couples looking for a romantic getaway, many backpackers and digital nomads have been turning heads when heading to Aruba. Why? It’s not as expensive as you might think.

If you ask someone, “Is Aruba expensive?” they will almost always answer with a resounding yes, but they are not budget travel experts. While you can stay at a luxury resort and dine at world-class restaurants, you can save money by staying at a local seaside hotel or even opt for a hostel.

Tips for traveling to Aruba

It’s almost time for you to get out there and enjoy your great trip to Aruba. To help you through the process, here are some money-saving tips to make Aruba cheaper…

Get out into nature: Nature in Aruba is nothing short of amazing, and, the best thing is, it’s completely free. Go out and enjoy all those incredible Caribbean landscapes, and you won’t even have to spend a penny.

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Have a water bottle: Don’t waste money on plastic water bottles; bring your own and fill it in the fountains and tap. If you’re worried about drinking water, get a filtered bottle.

Meet a local: Wherever you go in the world, locals always know a destination best. If you want to get to know Aruba, make friends online with the locals and meet up for a bite to eat at a local hangout.

Use Buses: The cheapest way to get around the island is by bus. Cars and taxis can add up, so if you want to keep your daily budget low, the bus is your mode of transport.

Earn money while traveling: teaching English while travelling is a great way to make ends meet! If you find a good gig, you might even end up living in Aruba.

Stay somewhere with a kitchen: The cost of daily breakfast can run into a few hundred dollars if you’re not careful. Book self-catering accommodation and prepare your breakfasts, lunches and sometimes even simple dinners.

Don’t do it all: Sure, you’re in Aruba and want to check everything off your to-do list, but that doesn’t mean you have to budget for horseback riding, windsurfing, and hiking. Choose an expensive activity, then plan the rest of your time by doing less costly adventures.


The answer to which is cheaper to travel to Aruba or the Bahamas depends on many factors, including the time of year you are traveling, the number of people and the type of activities you want to do there.

That said, both destinations are affordable if you plan and book early. Aruba or the Bahamas may be a perfect choice whether you’re looking for a budget vacation or a luxury getaway.

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